Patricia Cornwell using Wikipedia &
as centre to deceive media and to
plant false information to cover Cornwell felony crimes & sleaze

Some links here active, more being connected soon, so be patient - much is in short form in either the biography of Patricia Cornwell on the main page, or the study of Cornwell's Jew-hating Willcox & Savage law firm

Patricia Cornwell denounces "dirty Jews", "filthy Jews"

Patricia Cornwell boasts she can get away with murdering people (Vanity Fair magazine)

Pearson plc - Penguin Books under Marjorie Scardino, supporting Patricia Cornwell and the killing of Jews; US Penguin Counsel "Alex the Gangster" Gigante

Patricia Cornwell growing up in care of Jew-hating preacher Billy Graham

Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush family since early 1980s

Bibliography of articles about Patricia Cornwell that the media are now trying to hide from you

Patricia Cornwell pays $1 million bribe to Bushes, frolics with lesbian lover at Pres. Bush home in Kennebunkport, Maine

Patricia Cornwell files lawsuit against pop star Madonna; lesbian Cornwell denounces Madonna's sexuality

Patricia Cornwell's Willcox & Savage law firm: Ready to attack and murder Jews

Patricia Cornwell commits felony perjury

Patricia Cornwell's lesbian stalking of Jodie Foster and heterosexual women (Esquire magazine)

Patricia Cornwell threatens to murder writer with Jewish heritage, creates US citizen political refugee in Europe

Patricia Cornwell funds the racist "Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game"

Law Prof: Rodney 'Rod' Smolla in the crimes of Patricia Cornwell and her phony "1st Amendment charity foundation"

Law Prof. Roy Girasa Tells Lies for
Patricia Cornwell's "Wikipedia fraud and deception team"

Patricia Cornwell and book-burning: Eager to burn the books of Jews

Patricia Cornwell's Jew-baiting, book- burning extortion letter

US federal court filing of 3 April 2004 exposing Patricia Cornwell crimes

Patricia Cornwell popping pills, doing drugs, drunk, in rehab; but avoids exam and maintains FAA pilot licence

Patricia Cornwell: lesbian who betrays gay and lesbian community, funds gay-bashing politicians

US federal Appeals Judge J Harvie Wilkinson III: Would rather protect Cornwell and help kill Jews, than be on the Supreme Court

Patricia Cornwell funds neo-Nazi from Germany, Timothy "Tim" Schulte

Patricia Cornwell funds phony "civil rights foundation" to help murder Jews and commit other crimes

FBI agents join Cornwell in terrorist acts against Jews, attack Cornwell's victim in Europe

The Willcox Savage law firm bribery network, supporting Patricia Cornwell and the murder of Jews

Cornwell and the 'Pleasures of Eichmann' - hiring Jews to betray and extort other Jews

The book that Patricia Cornwell threatened to destroy: The Virginia Ghost Murders, and

Patricia Cornwell sued for stealing the private autopsy reports of murdered children

The Jew-murdering team at Patricia Cornwell's Willcox Savage law firm

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and the felony crimes of Patricia Cornwell

Cornwell's receives stolen FBI files, scandal with FBI agent Robert Ressler

Cornwell's lesbian affair and criminal scandals with married FBI agent Margo Bennett

Cornwell's lawyers and the Lanham Act extortion - new tool to ban freedom of speech

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales supporting cover-up of Cornwell's crimes and the murder of Jews

US Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty, rewarded for cover-up of Patricia Cornwell Jew-hating crimes

FAQ on US judicial and legal corruption - How US judges can be bribed by rich people and corporations

The 4th circuit US federal judges: Taking bribes, ready to help murder Jews

Patricia Cornwell's Jew-hating 4th circuit judges and the "AIPAC Jewish spy trial"

Opening pages of "True Crimes of Patricia Cornwell: Bush's Friends, Political Courts and Fake Trials in America"

Richmond Times- Dispatch supporting Patricia Cornwell and the murder of Jews

How to contact Patricia Cornwell, her lawyers, thugs and goons

Some links here active, more being connected soon, so be patient - much is in short form in either the biography of Patricia Cornwell on the main page, or the study of Cornwell's Jew-hating Willcox & Savage law firm

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Since Dr Les Sachs began publishing the truth about Patricia Cornwell in 2004, after he had arrived in Europe as a refugee from the US-Bush government, the main line of attack upon him by the Patricia Cornwell gang of criminals, has been that of planting false information about Cornwell and about Dr Sachs on Wikipedia.

The planting of false information on Wikipedia, and the Wikipedia sister site, has been an extremely top priority for Patricia Cornwell and her criminal partners.

Most people - and most of the current generation of somewhat dumb US "news reporters" - never bother to think about WHO is really behind Wikipedia, and how Wikipedia is specifically designed to help the US government, and US corporate criminals, who can hire full-time staff to maintain fraudulent Wikipedia pages.

J'accuse author Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush, media money-slut for US politicians, Cornwell the extortionist, racist and fascist - by Dr Les Sachs

Wikipedia is the most successful fraud in the history of the internet. Wikipedia and obviously control the top search results for a great preponderance of English-language internet searches. Whoever controls Wikipedia pages, controls what most people will think about any subject.

And, in particular, control of Wikipedia pages, is the ultimate tool for deceiving the modern generation of lazy and dumb "news reporters", who will then "report" whatever lies they find on Wikipedia, often even pompously announcing, "According to Wikipedia . . ." as if it was somehow very clever of them to find Wikipedia at the top lines of an internet search.

People assume and act as if Wikipedia and are some divine source, as if it were somehow reflecting some "international community of scholars" - when actually it is often just the US government and corporate criminals, spreading their own lies and propaganda via these extremely powerful but fraudulent websites.

In one way, maybe the most important story coming from the felony crimes of Patricia Cornwell, and her latest lawsuit and fake "legal proceeding" with her friends the US racist judges, is that of how the Patricia Cornwell gang could simply deceive most of the world's news reporters, by planting false material on Wikipedia, which then gets repeated on the Answers dot com site, all so very conveniently appearing at the top of internet searches.

Another way to look at the latest Patricia Cornwell lawsuit to ban the journalism of Dr Les Sachs, and to try to suppress the REAL Patricia Cornwell biography, is that Patricia Cornwell, just like the Adolf Hitler that she admires and follows, wants the ability to tell lies on Wikipedia, and to have people banned and jailed if they dare to contradict her. Patricia Cornwell wants to be able to slander and attack her victims on Wikipedia, but also have her victims jailed or murdered if they dare to fight back.

The Patricia Cornwell gang of criminals has operated now for several years on Wikipedia, with the full approval of high-level Wikipedia administrators, who are glad to lend Cornwell a forum to tell lies about her past crimes, to hide the truth about her life, and to slander and attack her victims, and to deceive the international media.

As their major fake "source" for their fraudulent Wikipedia articles, the Patricia Cornwell gang had hired a Jew-hating law professor - a con artist, liar and fraud named Rosario "Roy" Girasa at Pace University - to write a fake "research article" covering up for Cornwell's felony crimes.

This article was published by Cornwell's own publishing company, and this fake article became the "professional source" for Wikipedia, with the editors of Wikipedia grinning over their successful fraud in service to President Bush's friend, Patricia Cornwell.

The typical lazy US "news reporters", of course, now do their "research" by consulting Wikipedia, soaking up the lies so conveniently placed there by the US government, and by corporate criminals like Patricia Cornwell and her team of gangsters.

Then, these lazy US news media reporters, eager to serve Bush's friend and the US government anyway, publish false articles relying on fake sources like the "law professor on Wikipedia", and then these new media articles, re-cycling the same lies, become the basis of further "proof sources" for Wikipedia.

Wikipedia now can even dispense with earlier frauds like the "law professor's article", now that new media articles are repeating the same falsehoods. - Thus the new false media articles, which were themselves built on the false material on Wikipedia, now become new "source links" for Wikipedia, that continue to attack and slander the same victims.

Hence, Wikipedia and, form an almost perfect perpetual-motion machine of propaganda. - Wikipedia is indeed perhaps the ultimate tool of media deception, and of felony obstruction of justice, for wealthy corporate criminals like Cornwell.

Few people ever really think about WHO are those thousands of alleged Wikipedia "volunteers" - whether these volunteers might somehow be connected with the US propaganda and intelligence budget of 40-plus-billion US dollars, whether these volunteers might somehow be connected with US government employees labouring quietly in US government agencies.

But with it is even more blatant -, with offices in Jerusalem and New York, does not even try to deny that it is a project of Israeli and US intelligence agencies, designed to magnify and extend the power of Wikipedia.

But people in the media don't like to talk about these things, as they themselves typically use Wikipedia to create much of today's misleading and deceptive "news stories", as are currently being created to benefit Patricia Cornwell.

Here is the original article from the "Banned in America" site, regarding the Patricia Cornwell gang using Wikipedia to conduct fraud and deception and obstruction of justice.

Wikipedia administrators mount personal attacks on Dr Les Sachs, sending abusive e-mails to him

It should be noted as well that the rulers of Wikipedia, have a special hatred for those who dare to criticise Wikipedia, or for those who expose how Wikipedia is used to benefit wealthy corporate criminals like Patricia Cornwell.

Two of the very high-level Wikipedia administrators, have sent Dr Les Sachs vicious e-mails spewing out their hatred and venom for him, and indicating their support for the Jew-hating Patricia Cornwell. Wikipedia is quite direct about its support for the Cornwell gang of criminals who would like to see Dr Sachs silenced, jailed and murdered.

Wikipedia is truly a criminal operation and organisation. Some of those people operating on Wikipedia deserve to be indicted and sent to prison along with Patricia Cornwell.

J'accuse author Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush, media money-slut for US politicians, Cornwell the extortionist, racist and fascist - by Dr Les Sachs

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