www.vaghost.com and The Virginia Ghost Murders -

The book that Patricia Cornwell threatened to destroy,
in her felony bribery crimes with neo-Nazi US Judge Robert Payne

Some links here active, more being connected soon, so be patient - much is in short form in either the biography of Patricia Cornwell on the main page, or the study of Cornwell's Jew-hating Willcox & Savage law firm

Patricia Cornwell denounces "dirty Jews", "filthy Jews"

Patricia Cornwell boasts she can get away with murdering people (Vanity Fair magazine)

Pearson plc - Penguin Books under Marjorie Scardino, supporting Patricia Cornwell and the killing of Jews; US Penguin Counsel "Alex the Gangster" Gigante

Patricia Cornwell growing up in care of Jew-hating preacher Billy Graham

Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush family since early 1980s

Bibliography of articles about Patricia Cornwell that the media are now trying to hide from you

Patricia Cornwell pays $1 million bribe to Bushes, frolics with lesbian lover at Pres. Bush home in Kennebunkport, Maine

Patricia Cornwell files lawsuit against pop star Madonna; lesbian Cornwell denounces Madonna's sexuality

Patricia Cornwell's Willcox & Savage law firm: Ready to attack and murder Jews

Patricia Cornwell commits felony perjury

Patricia Cornwell's lesbian stalking of Jodie Foster and heterosexual women (Esquire magazine)

Patricia Cornwell threatens to murder writer with Jewish heritage, creates US citizen political refugee in Europe

Patricia Cornwell funds the racist "Judge Robert Payne is my name, Federal bribery is my game"

Law Prof: Rodney 'Rod' Smolla in the crimes of Patricia Cornwell and her phony "1st Amendment charity foundation"

Law Prof. Roy Girasa Tells Lies for
Patricia Cornwell's "Wikipedia fraud and deception team"

Patricia Cornwell and book-burning: Eager to burn the books of Jews

Patricia Cornwell's Jew-baiting, book- burning extortion letter

US federal court filing of 3 April 2004 exposing Patricia Cornwell crimes

Patricia Cornwell popping pills, doing drugs, drunk, in rehab; but avoids exam and maintains FAA pilot licence

Patricia Cornwell: lesbian who betrays gay and lesbian community, funds gay-bashing politicians

US federal Appeals Judge J Harvie Wilkinson III: Would rather protect Cornwell and help kill Jews, than be on the Supreme Court

Patricia Cornwell funds neo-Nazi from Germany, Timothy "Tim" Schulte

Patricia Cornwell funds phony "civil rights foundation" to help murder Jews and commit other crimes

FBI agents join Cornwell in terrorist acts against Jews, attack Cornwell's victim in Europe

The Willcox Savage law firm bribery network, supporting Patricia Cornwell and the murder of Jews

Cornwell and the 'Pleasures of Eichmann' - hiring Jews to betray and extort other Jews

The book that Patricia Cornwell threatened to destroy: The Virginia Ghost Murders, and www.vaghost.com

Patricia Cornwell sued for stealing the private autopsy reports of murdered children

The Jew-murdering team at Patricia Cornwell's Willcox Savage law firm

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and the felony crimes of Patricia Cornwell

Cornwell's receives stolen FBI files, scandal with FBI agent Robert Ressler

Cornwell's lesbian affair and criminal scandals with married FBI agent Margo Bennett

Cornwell's lawyers and the Lanham Act extortion - new tool to ban freedom of speech

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales supporting cover-up of Cornwell's crimes and the murder of Jews

US Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty, rewarded for cover-up of Patricia Cornwell Jew-hating crimes

FAQ on US judicial and legal corruption - How US judges can be bribed by rich people and corporations

The 4th circuit US federal judges: Taking bribes, ready to help murder Jews

Patricia Cornwell's Jew-hating 4th circuit judges and the "AIPAC Jewish spy trial"

Opening pages of "True Crimes of Patricia Cornwell: Bush's Friends, Political Courts and Fake Trials in America"

Richmond Times- Dispatch supporting Patricia Cornwell and the murder of Jews

How to contact Patricia Cornwell, her lawyers, thugs and goons

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Some links here active, more being connected soon, so be patient - much is in short form in either the biography of Patricia Cornwell on the main page, or the study of Cornwell's Jew-hating Willcox & Savage law firm

In the felony crimes of Patricia Cornwell, the website of www.vaghost.com is historically significant, because it was on this website that Cornwell's neo-Nazi book-burning threats were first exposed by Cornwell's targeted victim, Dr Les Sachs, after receiving the extortion letter from Cornwell threatening to destroy his novel The Virginia Ghost Murders.

A brief summary of the background is as follows, though see the complete Patricia Cornwell biography on the main page for the whole story.

J'accuse author Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush, media money-slut for US politicians, Cornwell the extortionist, racist and fascist - by Dr Les Sachs

Patricia Cornwell is a woman who denounces the "filthy Jews", boasts she can get away with murdering people, and takes a particular pleasure in financing neo-Nazis, threatening to burn books, and threatening to kill people of Jewish heritage. Cornwell and her neo-Nazi gang decided to target Dr Les Sachs with their neo-Nazi threats of murder.

And among other offences, Cornwell has had a whole long string of scandals and legal cases regarding her stealing, copying and imitating outside material for her books, including Cornwell stealing the private autopsy reports of murdered children.

Dr Sachs was a neighbour of Cornwell in Richmond, Virginia, and also shared the same publisher, Penguin Books. Documents prove that Dr Sachs' novel, The Virginia Ghost Murders, was in the hands of Cornwell's editors and literary agents at a very early date, long before Cornwell announced, in December 1999, a new novel that sounded a lot like the plot of Dr Sachs book.

Looking at what seemed to be a theft-in-progress, Dr Sachs privately needled Cornwell, trying to avoid becoming another in the long line of victims of the sleazy Cornwell with her reputation for literary thievery. Cornwell eventually delayed publication of her book and re-wrote it, to try to eliminate the more overt copying of the plot of Dr Sachs' novel.

But the Cornwell gang faxed Dr Sachs a Jew-baiting neo-Nazi extortion letter, demanding the book-burning destruction of Dr Sachs' books and writings, and total silence about Patricia Cornwell. This letter with its book-burning threats, was deeply offensive to Dr Sachs who is partly Jewish, and who honours the memory of his distant relatives who died in the book-burning Holocaust of Hitler's Nazis.

Dr Sachs told the Cornwell gang to take their Nazi threats and shove them up their buttocks. At the time, Dr Sachs was not fully aware of Cornwell's deep ties to the murderous George Bush gang, nor of Cornwell's ability to bribe judges and to murder people and get away with such crimes.

Patricia Cornwell paid a reported half million dollars to finance a programme to ban, jail and murder Dr Sachs, a criminal scheme backed by the Penguin Pearson publishing corporation that was selling Cornwell's books. Thus a giant array of criminal forces - the Bush gang and US politicians; Cornwell and her big publishing company; and the judges and lawyers taking bribes and getting paid by Cornwell - all joined in trying to hide the truth about the sleazy Cornwell, and in trying to crush and destroy Dr Sachs.

To carry out the Cornwell scheme, the notorious Jew-hating, bribe-taking Virginia federal judge, Robert Payne, "Judge Robert Payne is my name, federal bribery is my game", who was appointed by Cornwell's friend the first President Bush, staged a phony "show trial" court proceeding to illegally ban Dr Sachs' freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The lawyers and the judge threatened to jail and murder Dr Sachs while the fake proceeding was underway, Dr Sachs was not allowed to speak, and no lawyer in racist Virginia was willing to dare confront a bribed federal judge who wants to attack and threaten to murder Jews.

In Cornwell's attempt to ban the freedom of speech of Dr Sachs while threatening to murder him, Judge Payne and Cornwell's lawyers fabricated a series of illegal and fraudulent court orders banning Dr Sachs' freedom of speech. Judge Payne instantly banned Dr Sachs' fredom of speech in a phone call mere minutes after Dr Sachs received the legal papers.

In the two of those illegal court orders in written form, the www.vaghost.com website is specifically named by the Cornwell criminals, as a website that is ordered not to mention Patricia Cornwell in any way whatsoever.

The written court orders are fake and fraudulent on their face. The only signatures on the fake court orders are the signatures of Patricia Cornwell's gang - the bribed judge, and lawyers who are friends of the judge - all working for Cornwell and on Cornwell's payroll.

To help fabricate these fake court orders, one of the judge's friends, Thomas "Tom" Roberts, is both posing as the lawyer for Dr Sachs, and also posing as a lawyer for Cornwell's fraudulent and non-existent "Freedom Works Foundation", an alleged "First Amendment civil rights charity foundation" which does not exist.

Under the doctrine of "fraud upon the court" these court orders are totally invalid, though the neo-Nazi judges of the US 4th Circuit threaten to jail and murder Dr Sachs with these orders if he ever returns to US territory.

The actual www.vaghost.com website is now owned by a company called DomainDiscover in San Diego, California, USA, which is now trying to sell the www.vaghost.com domain name.

As the Jew-hating Patricia Cornwell specifically named the www.vaghost.com web page in her fake court order that she bought from the US 4th circuit bribed judges, this page is a memento of the former www.vaghost.com web page that began to tell the truth about Patricia Cornwell, from inside the US empire.

The orders specifically say NOT to mention the name of Patricia Cornwell. That's Patricia Cornwell. They say DON'T MENTION PATRICIA CORNWELL, the world famous neo-Nazi criminal whore.

With Dr Les Sachs in freedom in Europe, the fake court orders that Cornwell spent a half million dollars to obtain, are now totally worthless. Though it has been suggested that now Cornwell can take her fake court orders and stuff them up her neo-Nazi buttocks.

J'accuse author Patricia Cornwell, friend of President Bush, media money-slut for US politicians, Cornwell the extortionist, racist and fascist - by Dr Les Sachs